Amit Ben-Haim, CEO of Cloudtag Inc, Discusses Onitor updates for 2018 with David He and Bhav Dattani

21st November 2017

Amit: We are approaching the end of 2017, what are the plans for Cloudtag in 2018?

From the overall strategy point of view, we want to consolidate our position and mainly focus in the B2B space, hence developing more pilots and clinical trials with Health Insurance companies, Health Care providers are pivotal for our business. We will be designing the pilots and clinical trials with specific commercial view together with our B2B partners. The team has been working on the strawman of a clinical trial with a high end private clinic based in Germany. The aim of the project is to gather insights from patients as well as to test and direct the commercial opportunities. We have had several meetings and currently are in the process to develop the protocol requirements.

On the other hand, in 2018 we will be attending more B2B focus exhibitions and events to get more exposure in the B2B markets and acquire more B2B clients. We (Bhav and David) attended last week’s Medica show in Dusseldorf, as previously advised on our web portal and had meetings with potential B2B clients.

In 2018, we are also strategically planning to develop our in-house AI capabilities which will enable us to utilise the matrix of relevant data and deliver better understanding of the end user to our B2B clients.

Amit: What are the key differences between B2B clients and B2C clients? And how has Cloudtag prepared itself?

Today companies like Fitbit, Garmin and more alike make and sell fitness devices. In the near future, companies like these will need to provide the right devices and be the reason for the consumer’s Healthcare premium being discounted.

B2B companies & organisations need to not only deliver highly accurate data, but also identify, sort and interpret the most relevant data points that can enable enterprise clients to better understand both individuals and populations while enhancing outcomes. Secondly, B2B companies need to have the ability to promote increased user engagement levels that enables the solution to achieve sustainable behavioural change that addresses health problems for long term. To achieve this, they will need to be able to analyse the user’s data sets; and knowing your customer will be a pivotal point in being able to offer a tailored service. How to apply artificial intelligence on big data in a meaningful way that brings real financial benefit to both providers and customers will be the key challenge.

2017 is a year of transformation for Cloudtag, we have changed our focus from B2C to B2B and have kicked off the engagement process with Insurance companies, Health Care providers, Medical Device companies and Pharma companies. In the same year, we have completed one single-arm clinical study with The University of Aberdeen and the full report of the study is currently going through peer review; we have also just completed our phase 1 technical pilot with a leading Pharma, medical devices company and we are in the process of defining the protocol requirements for phase 2 which will be taking place in H1 2018.

Amit: Will there be any B2C proposition?

Yes, there will be a B2C proposition for Cloudtag and the Onitor brand in order to increase data samples. We will continue to attend all major B2C exhibitions and trade shows such as CES18 and ISPO18 with pre-arranged meetings with selected key global B2C re-sellers as well as our existing and potential B2B clients to strengthen our relationships and explore business opportunities.

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