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Commercial Update and Report on Global Healthcare Data Exchange

The Company acknowledges the independent report released on 1 March on “Global Data Exchange In Healthcare Market Forecast 2021-2028” and is pleased to be recognised among key trailblazers in the global digital health marketplace.

Risk of Death from COVID-19 Four Times Greater for Those with Diabetes

New research delves into the impact that diabetes and poorly managed hyperglycemia may have in people hospitalized for COVID-19. The findings suggest a stark higher risk of death: The in-hospital death rate and longer length of hospital stay were more than four times higher for people with these conditions, according to a press release.

The CDC Says 'Severely Obese' People Are at Greater Risk for COVID-19 Complications—but Are They Really?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently lists 10 different conditions and risk factors that can increase an individual's chance of developing severe illness from COVID-19—most of which are respiratory illnesses (like asthma and chronic lung disease) or conditions that can compromise a person's immune system (like diabetes and liver disease).