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Media  28th January 2020

Cloudtag’s Proprietary Technology Driven Impact Business Platform

The primary focus of this new platform is a B2B SaaS business model with the primary objective of reducing the likelihood of an overweight or clinically obese person being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, whilst enabling B2B medical & pharmaceutical clients to address pre-surgery reimbursement approval. Obesity costs the NHS directly… Read more

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Media  13th January 2020

Update 13-1-20

Following an extremely busy few months, Cloudtag Inc. will be issuing a commercial & technology update in the very near future. Read more

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Media  18th December 2019

Publication of a single arm medical research concerning Cloudtag’s proprietary technology

Amit Ben-Haim CEO of Cloudtag Inc is very pleased to announce the publication of a single arm medical research concerning Cloudtag’s proprietary technology showing weight loss along with body mass index reduction over the period of the trail at various end points. Non-communicable disease rates associated with being overweight or… Read more

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Amit Ben-Haim discusses Cloudtag's Focus on B2B and Blockchain Technology

Cloudtag Inc CEO Amit Ben-Haim provides an exclusive update to DirectorsTalk about its plans for 2018. Amit explains how the company has consolidated the Company’s position and focus on the B2B space, how the transition from B2C to B2B has kicked off the engagement process with Insurance companies, Health Care… Read More

Cloudtag CEO Amit Ben-Haim demonstrates Onitor Track

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