Shareholder Update - Technical Pilot & Pre-Clinical Study Comments

23rd August 2017

CloudTag, the company that brings personal monitoring to the wellbeing, fitness and digital health markets, is pleased to announce a technical pilot with a multinational medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing company will commence mid-September. The aim of this pilot is to access the technical integration between the two platforms, with a view to explore commercial opportunities between the companies.

In addition, following the submission of the pre-clinical study paper, Dr Heather May Morgan, University of Aberdeen, commented “Digital innovation has opened the door for many health-related improvements, including personalised weight loss programmes. Approaches to solving health problems need to utilise new technologies, such as wearable sensors, cloud computing, AI, but also include tried & tested methodologies for behaviour change, for example healthy nutrition, exercising, etc., to realise their full potential. They also need to recognise that modern living is already very digital and draw on the everyday tools that are already popular and common, e.g. smartphones, tablets, apps, etc.”

“The Onitor Track is a great example of bringing these disciplines together under one roof – a cloud based platform, wearable device and engaging mobile content app – all targeted for the user and their weight-loss goal. We have identified 14 recognised BCTs (behaviour change techniques) being used in the Onitor Track, which puts it in a strong place to deliver sustainable weight loss for users going forward. We hope this study will help develop the Onitor programme further and encourage more research into digital innovation for health.”

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