Shareholder update regarding recent pre-clinical study.

8th August 2017

CloudTag, the company that brings personal monitoring to the wellbeing, fitness and digital health markets, is pleased to share some initial insights and findings from its recent pre-clinical study. The Onitor pilot pre-clinical study which was led from the University of Aberdeen has been completed and is being written up, including quantitative and qualitative outcomes, including theories of behavioural change. The draft report has now been submitted for publication as a mixed methods digital health study by the researchers and authors, Kelly Buchan and Heather Morgan. This will undergo the requisite process of scientific peer review prior to being made publicly available. 

Amit Ben-Haim, CEO, said “As part of our ongoing strategy to focus on the clinical benefit of our products, we are enthused by the early results of this study, which bode very positively for the development of our proprietary hardware and software

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