Cloudtag Press Release - January 2016

6th January 2016

Cloudtag unveils next-generation health and fitness tracker – Cloudtag TrackTM – at CES


  • Device launched in partnership with global design and strategy firm frog and nano-electronics research centre imec
  • The device, which has dual mode functionality, worn on the wrist during the day and when sleeping and on the chest for exercise, uses advanced sensing technology to deliver clinical-grade ECG heart rate monitoring, activity recognition, and energy expenditure estimation
  • The Cloudtag TrackTM uses proprietary algorithms to provide a highly personalized, responsive, weight loss and fitness partner for users
  • Cloudtag appoints international fitness expert Jessie Pavelka (star of hit US show The Biggest Loser) as global ambassador


6 January 2016, Las Vegas: Cloudtag has today launched its new wearable fitness tracker, the Cloudtag Track™. The product, founded on ten years of medical research, targets consumers who want a cost effective and efficient way of being in control of achieving their own weight loss and fitness goals, whilst also receiving guidance to help keep them on track to do so.


To differentiate itself from other fitness monitoring devices on the market, Cloudtag Track™ uses advanced sensing technology to obtain clinical-grade ECG, which offers a highly-accurate assessment of heart rate and energy expenditure. Combined with its dynamic adjustments delivered through the app using machine self-learning, the user experience is very different from other wearable and app offerings. The discrete and contemporary device, designed by global design and strategy firm frog, has dual-mode functionality. It can be worn on the wrist at all times but can also be moved closer to the user’s heart using the beatSMART™ clip – which also charges the device – during exercise to achieve highly accurate measurement of heart rate and energy expenditure.


The wearable device works in conjunction with the Cloudtag health and fitness smartphone app. By providing a very accurate analysis of a user’s fitness level and energy expenditure, Cloudtag can offer the user a truly bespoke, hyper-personalised fitness and nutritional program. Cloudtag Track™ offers a true partnership by continuously adapting as the user progresses, to accurately meet their fitness needs and weight-loss goals and help them achieve results.

The app currently provides 350 fitness exercises developed by expert trainers and coaches, and nutritional advice provided in ‘fistful’ quantities to eliminate any fiddly measuring of ingredients.


Amit Ben Haim, CEO at Cloudtag said: “The notion of a wearable device that monitors and advises users on activities and nutrition and then supports them to achieve their personal fitness goals is, for many, a flexible and more appealing alternative to the gym or personal trainer. We are delighted to launch Cloudtag Track™, the next generation of wearables. Using technology that brings clinical grade ECG and advanced accuracy to consumers with minimal input from the user, the Cloudtag Track™ works in partnership with the user to achieve success. What’s more, with a hugely competitive RRP, the product allows brands to gain a deeper insight into individual consumer behavior and interact with them on a more personal and meaningful level and in a timely manner.”


Cloudtag works with a number of key industry partners who are shareholders of Cloudtag, to bring its solution to market. Imec is Cloudtag’s algorithm and nanoelectronics partner. Imec converted algorithms that were originally developed for medical applications to use in Cloudtag Track™. Software company Preciousbluedot Limited worked with Cloudtag to develop the innovative app interface which includes gamification methods to maximize user engagement and retention.


Global design and strategy firm frog is Cloudtag’s product design partner. frog used its expertise in design and advancing the human experience to create a user-centric and aesthetically appealing product.


Cloudtag is now looking to partner with brands, retailers and distributors to exploit the opportunity for greater brand-consumer engagement, as well as health, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and enterprises interested in developing corporate wellness programs.


Last month, Cloudtag announced Jessie Pavelka, international weight-loss fitness and wellbeing expert, as its global ambassador. Pavelka featured as a trainer for NBC’s Biggest Loser USA with up to 10.5 million viewers, and is well known in the UK following appearances in Sky TV documentaries, Obese: A Year to Save my Life and Fat: The Fight of my Life, and ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Jessie is also ambassador for Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life for 2015 and UK obesity charity HOOP.


To arrange a demo of the product at CES, or to speak to a Cloudtag spokesperson, please contact Dominique Fevry / +44 207 401 8001.


About CloudTag


CloudTag Inc (CTAG:LON) is a London Stock Exchange AIM listed company bringing accurate, medical-grade technology to the consumer health, wellbeing and fitness markets. CloudTag brings together world leaders in nano-electronics, medical technology, exercise and sport science, software development, mobile commerce and data analysis. CloudTag’s first product – a wearable fitness tracker that measures heart rate, energy expenditure, steps and many other metrics and can be worn on both the wrist and the chest – is founded on ten years of medical research, bringing proprietary sensing technology both contact and contactless sensors to market and will be initially targeted at the weight loss and fitness markets.

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