Research and Performance Unit

19th May 2015

CloudTag (CTAG:LN), the company that brings personal monitoring to the health, wellbeing and fitness markets, is pleased to announce the opening of a research and performance unit (“RPU”) and the recruitment of a team of research and development engineers (“R&D Team”).

The R&D Team, which will operate under the direct management of the Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Alon Moss, at the RPU in new leased premises in the Greater London area, has a core focus on high-performance, low-cost physiological monitoring electronics and software. They will work alongside the Company’s key technology partners, IMEC International and Preciousbluedot Limited, and will be responsible for the finalisation and optimisation of the Company’s software and hardware product offering.

The R&D Team will also perform benchmark testing of the product’s accuracy and reliability in the new performance lab. This is in line with the Company’s strategy to bring key technical expertise in-house in order to build on and expand the Company’s intellectual property portfolio.

Alon Moss, CTO, comments “I am delighted to be growing our team with such good quality people. Bringing more core competencies in-house is a key part of our strategy to develop our products.”

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