Introducing Onitor… And our first product the Onitor Track

15th December 2016

Onitor believes in the power of digital health – using data and technology to make a positive difference to people’s lives. We use our knowledge to develop solutions that empower people to make positive decisions about their well-being.

The Onitor Track is our first product to showcase this pioneering approach.

Onitor Track is a dual-position wearable that helps people lose weight. Onitor Track’s intelligent design lets people reach their target weight while they get on with their everyday lives.

Uniquely, Onitor Track can be worn in two different ways. It can either be strapped to the user’s wrist or clipped to a sports bra. In the clipped position it transforms into an accurate ECG heart rate monitor. The combined data recorded from both modes gives Onitor Track the detail it needs to help its users lose weight.

Users start by entering the weight they want to get to and the date they want to achieve it by into the Track app. The Onitor Track works out a personalized activity timeline incorporating exercise and nutrition to ensure the user reaches their goal. The clever bit is that the app intelligently responds to the tracked data and adapts the timeline as the user progresses so that the user can achieve their goal.