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Media  17th April 2024

Licence Payment Update

17th April 2024 Further to the update of 10th April, shareholders are reminded that those with paper certificates issued by the Company will be notified as soon as possible.  The Paying Agent is continuing its work to resolve some final remaining anomalies with the share capital book,… Read more

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Media  10th April 2024


10th April 2024 The Paying Agent is now in receipt of the licensing funds. Those Shareholders holding paper certificates issued by the Company shall be notified accordingly. The Company remains under strict non-disclosure agreements. All further updates will be published on… Read more

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Media  4th April 2024

Corporate Share Action update

4th April 2024 The Company acknowledges receipt of emails from those Shareholders holding paper share certificates issued by the Company. The Company is processing all the enquiries received to date and is working alongside the paying agent who shall action all emails directly.  We would like to… Read more

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