Status update

21st February 2024

21st February 2024

The company is pleased to announce that the enhanced payment for the DaaP of circa $4.5 million has been approved by the buyer. The exact amount will be decided at the time of distribution. The DaaP deal funds distribution will swiftly follow the license fee distribution. Shareholders are reminded that two separate payments will take place as notified before.

The trust lawyers are working on all documents to create a trust fund for shareholders that are unknown to the company due to the discrepancy arising from a miscalculation from a UK broker as previously mentioned. We have been advised this will be concluded by week starting 4th March 2024 and will revert back to shareholders to confirm.

We have received several enquiries regarding the jurisdiction of the company, please be advised that this information has always been on the website. Please refer to information on the website

The company acknowledges the extended time frame that this process is taking however we are striving to complete all aspects as soon as possible. We would like to thank our valued shareholders for their continued support and patience.

The Company remains under strict non-disclosure agreements. All further updates will be published on