Payment arrangements

19th January 2024

Following the announcement of the 21st December 2023, it was intended that the agent aimed to be in a position to transfer funds during the week ending 19th January 2024. This timetable has slipped slightly at the behest of the Company (as explained below) and now, they affirm to establish contact with shareholders either directly or via their investment platforms during the following days ending 31st January 2024.

As mentioned at the time, there is an important but complex part of the process to notify all shareholders at the same time given that a link is sent to establish payment. This is relevant given the range of investors and their various currency requirements and to ensure that no one is disadvantaged by a lengthy notification process.

The company was notified yesterday that a number of private investors and a London based US institutional investor were contacted but could not be assured that all shareholders would then be communicated in a timely fashion. To avoid any potential disadvantage, the company has ensured no payments have been made today. The payment agent has given assurances to the company that it will be notifying all shareholders in a timely fashion next week.

As confirmed on the 11th January 2024, it has been confirmed the level of payment per share and all other parts of the process are ready for actioning.

The Company remains under strict non-disclosure agreements. All further updates will be published on