Changes to Corporate Structure

16th September 2019

Cloudtag announces some changes to its corporate structure including the closure of Cloudtag Inc. (Cayman Co). The Company has a new TopCo (“NewCo”) registered in St. Vincent with the same name as before, Cloudtag Inc. Each share in the Cayman company has been transferred to NewCo on a 1-for-1 basis and, therefore, the total number of shares in issue remains 714,882,424. All technology, research & development and intellectual property has been transferred into NewCo. 

Cloudtag is pursuing a number of opportunities including one of the commercial approaches received in the final quarter of 2018 which the management of Cloudtag believes will unlock the value of technology developed by the business, and, as previously announced, a re-listing on a public market. 

Further commercial and corporate updates will be made in due course.