Prevention is better than cure

5th November 2018

Amit Ben-Haim, Cloudtag Inc.’s CEO comments on the Health and Social Care Secretary, Mr Matt Hancock’s (UK Government) announcement on Monday 5th November 2018 ‘Prevention is better than cure’, outlining the vision for a “new 21st century focus on prevention”.

People are being encouraged to take more responsibility for managing their own health, as part of the UK Government’s NHS strategy focusing on prevention.

Public Health England is looking at “harnessing digital technology” as a form of “predictive prevention”, potentially leading to targeted health advice for people based on their location and lifestyle.

Cloudtag Inc.’s mission through its digital health platform focused on weight management is to target people highly susceptible to acquiring Type II Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and risk of cancers by identifying those who are overweight in advance.

As such Cloudtag Inc is perfectly positioned to capitalise on the latest UK Government digital health initiative.

Matt Hancock’s comments were also spoken about on BBC Radio 4 morning news, Sky News and printed in both The Guardian and The Independent.

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