Cloudtag - August Update

24th August 2018

Amit Ben-Haim, CEO of Cloudtag Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has completed one senior appointment, whose name will be announced in later updates due to contractual arrangements.

  1. Head of UK Private Healthcare
    This individual has over 20 years in UK healthcare leadership roles with organisations.   These include: CEO of Aid-Call plc; CEO of BUPA Dental; Business Development Director at United Health Europe; CEO of Interhealth Canada in Europe; Commercial Director at Guy’s m& St Thomas’ NHS FT; and CEO at Synlab UK.
  1. The other senior appointment is progressing to completion and will be in behavioural nutrition field.


Together with the existing team, the new hire will continue to consolidate Cloudtag’s position and drive the Company’s activities towards a focus in the health data acquisition & analysis within B2B space, including medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, health care insurance firms and health care data companies.

During the last few months, the Cloudtag team has been developing a proprietary open architecture platform, which utilises third party devices to provide health data. The aim of this open platform is that Cloudtag can utilise third party devices such as blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure and other physiological measurement devices to fit our corporate client’s requirement for hardware choice and price. Together with Onitor, which remains the heart of our eco system due to its unique USPs, this will allow the Company to reduce CAPEX and development risk on new products and provide a greater variety of data sets in a shorter time.


Update on Cloudtag’s Clinical Trials:

  1. The Cloudtag team has been continually working on a clinical trial with a high-end private clinic based in Germany as well as a leading health care insurance partner. The aim of the project is to gather insights from patients as well as to test and direct the commercial opportunities.
  2. Following last year’s start of the technical pilot with one of the world’s leading medical devices and pharmaceutical company’s, our team are continuing to work on the preparation for the next trial with a larger scope.
  3. The Company is in early discussion with an American multinational company serving the combined industries of health information technologies and clinical research. We are aiming to come to a mutual agreement on a trial run of the data service.


Cloudtag continues to work towards a return to a listing of its shares and is currently engaging the relevant professionals and preparing documentation with a view to listing in 2018 on an overseas exchange. In conjunction with the IPO activities, Cloudtag is currently undertaking an equity funding exercise to provide the required working capital to realise its ambitions. For those who wish to participate in the pre-IPO fund raising please register your interest on