Reference to Cloudtag in Royal Academy of Engineering report

16th April 2018

Amit Ben-Haim, CEO of Cloudtag Inc. comments that the company is pleased to have been mentioned in the Royal Academy of Engineering’s March 2018 Internet of Things report.

Cloudtag has been mentioned in the security and risk management section relating to sector-specific challenges.

Healthcare and medical devices

The security of connected medical devices is a particular challenge, existing alongside the challenges of privacy, transparency, trust and the user’s autonomy. These include both implantable medical devices and medical-grade wearables. The latter often builds on existing consumer devices. For example, Apple’s new iWatch 3 has an enhanced heart feature. Startups such as CloudTag are targeting the NHS via medical-grade consumer devices aimed at the health, wellbeing and fitness markets.

If you would like to read the report in full please find the link below: