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Media  30th October 2019

Diet and Physical Activity Apps: Perceived Effectiveness by App Users

Cloudtag Inc CEO Amit Ben-Haim comments on an academic paper published in mHealth and uHealth April 2016, showing that App users found diet and physical activity apps effective in promoting healthy eating and exercising. These apps affected their actions, health consciousness, and self-education about nutrition and physical activity; and were… Read more

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Media  4th October 2019

Main Shareholdings Update

Following our last update on 16th September 2019 regarding the changes to our corporate structure, we are pleased to announce the updated list of main shareholdings in the Company... Read more

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Media  16th September 2019

Changes to Corporate Structure

Cloudtag announces some changes to its corporate structure including the closure of Cloudtag Inc. (Cayman Co). The Company has a new TopCo (“NewCo”) registered in St. Vincent with the same name as before, Cloudtag Inc. Each share in the Cayman company has been transferred to NewCo on a 1-for-1… Read more

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Amit Ben-Haim discusses Cloudtag's Focus on B2B and Blockchain Technology

Cloudtag Inc CEO Amit Ben-Haim provides an exclusive update to DirectorsTalk about its plans for 2018. Amit explains how the company has consolidated the Company’s position and focus on the B2B space, how the transition from B2C to B2B has kicked off the engagement process with Insurance companies, Health Care… Read More

Cloudtag CEO Amit Ben-Haim demonstrates Onitor Track

Amit Ben-Haim Interview @ Digital Health Summit Studio CES 2016