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Media  4th March 2024

Licensing payment update

4th March 2024 Further to the announcement on 21st February 2024, the company is pleased to inform shareholders that the trust lawyers working to establish the trust fund have completed their work and the trust fund is now in place.  The company is therefore in a position to distribute licensing… Read more

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Media  21st February 2024

Status update

21st February 2024 The company is pleased to announce that the enhanced payment for the DaaP of circa $4.5 million has been approved by the buyer. The exact amount will be decided at the time of distribution. The DaaP deal funds distribution will swiftly follow the license fee distribution. Shareholders… Read more

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Media  30th January 2024

Licensing payment update

30th January 2024 The paying agent processing the payment transactions are experiencing difficulties reconciling the number of shares in issue due to miscalculation from a UK broker. The company was only made aware of this discrepancy recently and is working to resolve this. The company is discussing the option of… Read more

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